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80 + million people can't afford for those who know Jesus to be content with a good theology of evangelism or even the right words to say about salvation through Jesus.  We must be intentional about building redemptive relationships that engage those who are separated from Jesus.  Here are three simple ideas we can all apply to our lives.


1.  Identify "Your 3"

     Spend some time asking the Lord who are 3 specific people, who don't know Jesus, that you can begin to intentionally target with the love and truth of Jesus.  "Your 3" should come from those who you are regularly in relationship with, think in terms of co-workers, neighbors, classmates, family or friends.   


2.  Pray these 3 

a.  Acts 1:8 - Look it up, read it and pray that the Holy Spirit would come upon you and fill you with his power for being a witness to the love and truth of Jesus.  Check out the video below for a deeper look at Acts 1:8.

b.  Col 4:3-6 - Look it up, read it and pray that God would open doors for you to talk about Jesus to those around you.
c.  John 6:44 - Look it up, read it and pray that God the Father would draw "Your 3" to himself.  

3.  Don't make it so complicated 

     Invite people over, eat food together, share your life with them and let the Lord open the doors and give you the words to say.           

See the Missional Living video below.   


Missional Living

Missional Living

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