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Partnering together to reach 80+ Million people happens in many ways.  One way to partner together is through giving to the Central Region.  Every dollar will be faithfully used to impact the 80+ Million people we have a shared responsibility for.  Your financial resources will be used in a variety of ways from helping leaders develop, ministries mobilize and churches being planted. 

Our giving platform is directly connected to the national office of the C&MA.  The following steps will guide you through the process on the national website.     

1.  Follow this link - Give to the Alliance (

2.  Scroll down to - "Gift type"

3.  Select - "a project you love"

4.  In search bar type – "Central Region"

5.  Click on - "USA Church Planting - Central Region"

6.  Follow the prompts and forms from there

Thanks for partnering with us through your financial gifts.  If you have any further or follow up questions about giving to the Central Region feel free to contact the regional administrator at

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