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Central Region Church Planter Assessment Center
Pre-assessment Checklist for Sending Organization

We intend for this pre-assessment checklist to be a useful tool to help you discern if a client is ready to be sent to the Central Region Church Planter Assessment Center. The areas covered in this checklist are a sample of the areas explored at CPAC. As you go through this form, you may realize that there are areas which you are unclear about. You do not need to have complete clarity before coming to an assessment center. The very purpose of the assessment center is designed to help bring you clarity in those areas. However, we would ask that if you are unclear about multiple items in this form that you would take some more time with your client to gain further insight. This will help us all to be more effective in the discernment process. Once you have completed this form you will receive a call from the pre-assessment team regarding this client.  

About the Client

Anticipated CPAC for sending client (mark 1-4 in order of preference)

2. Which category best describes your client?

7. Make sure that you have explored the following issues and mark the best descriptive outcome from your exploration.  

A. Intimacy wth the Lord (regular transformational time with the Lord)
B. Gospel articulation (can cleary articulate the gospel of salvation)
C. Missional Engagement (are they regularly sharing the gospel with lost people)
D. Discipleship (disciplemaking discipleship is part of their lifestyle)
E. Leadership (they know where to go and how to take people along with them)
F. Marriage (loving, committed, supportive relationship)
G. Spouse's enthusiasm about planting
H. Entrepreneurial experience
8. What role do you anticipate the client playing in the plant?
12. What is the anticipated context for the client? (mark all that apply)
13. Anticipated philosophy of planting effort (mark all that apply)
14. Anticipated origin of the plant
15. What feedback are you most interested in receiving from CPAC? (mark all that apply)

Thanks for submitting!

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