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Application for Becoming a Greenhouse Environment


Name of the Environment:

Name of the Coordinator of the GHE Experience:

Coordinator Contact Information:





Describe the nature of the environment (established church, church plant, inner city ministry, international ministry, etc.)




Describe the unique characteristics of the environment that help determine the type of experience a resident might have at the GHE:




Describe the work Jesus seems to be doing in your ministry during this particular season:




Why do you feel as though your environment would make a healthy, fruitful GHE?




What deficiencies would need to be addressed in preparation for becoming a GHE?




Please review the shared MANDATE and CULTURAL CORE of the Central Region of the C&MA:

The Central Region of the Alliance is made up of 9 districts and 3 ethnic associations.  In our region there are around 170,000 people in over 600 C&MA churches.  What if we worked together?  What if the King gave us all the same burden, same dream, and same expectations?  What kind of impact could we have together for the advancement of the kingdom?  Here is what we share –

Shared MANDATE – to tenaciously pursue the evangelization of 80 plus million people and the discipleship of the responsive.


  • Create an infectious and effective culture around a core of Divine expectation and engagement, Disciplemaking, Leadership development, Mobilized ministries, and Church planting.

  • Implementation of pipelines that utilize the process of Discover, Develop, and Deploy.

  • Utilization of Greenhouse Environments – which are intentional environments that catalyze the holistic development and strategic deployment of emerging leaders call to great Kingdom impact.

  • Partnerships with District initiatives that help the region achieve its shared mandate and outcomes.


Are you willing to engage in the effort of the entire region around these shared convictions?




Please describe the degree to which you feel your environment can embrace these shared convictions?




Where might your environment struggle to embrace these convictions?







Please review the shared VALUES of the Central Region of the C&MA:

  • Holy Spirit Dependence - God sized work done in deep dependence

  • Collective Ownership – shared responsibility of our regional geography and strategies

  • Multiculturalism – diversity which allows us to reach the 80+ and beyond

  • Deep and wide collaboration – sharing everything within and beyond the C&MA

  • Utilization of the ordinary – kingdom deployment of ordinary people, places, and ministries

  • Tenacious pursuit – intentional and aggressive realization of agreed upon outcomes

  • Appropriate deployment - enhanced productivity and mitigating devastation

  • Multiplication – exponential increase


Where do you find these values already being lived out in your environment?




Where do you find these values NOT yet being lived out in your environment? What plans do you have to see the values embraced in a greater way?





Please review the shared OUTCOMES of the Central Region of the C&MA:

Disciple Making

  • Transformation into the Character and Priorities of Christ 

  • Culture and practice of ongoing disciple making

  • Kingdom and multi-cultural oriented lifestyle


Emerging Leadership Development

  • Comprehensive Health      

  • Spiritual Intimacy

  • Self-awareness  

  • Character 

  • Disciplines 

  • Knowledge                   

  • Competencies   

  • Proper deployment   


Ministry Mobilization

  • Culture and practice of Divine expectation and engagement

  • Culture and practice of healthy interdependent plurality of leadership

  • Culture and practice of balanced ministry (reaching, discipling, equipping, adoring)

  • Culture and practice of directional clarity, ownership, and engagement

  • Culture and practice of multiplication (disciples, leaders, missional presence, planting)

  • Culture and practice of clarity and fruitful engagement of Acts 1.8 environments

  • Culture and practice of Kingdom collaboration


Church Planting  

  • Healthy individuals and teams appropriately assessed, developed, and deployed

  • Churches and collaborations engaged in church planting 

  • Church plants reflecting the outcomes of mobilized ministries



Describe the effort of making disciples in your environment (seeking to address the stated outcomes of Disciple Making in your response):






Describe the current approach to developing emerging leaders in your environment (seeking to address the stated outcomes of Emerging Leadership Development in your response):








Describe the overall level of impact your ministry is having on lives, communities, and cultures around you (seeking to address some of the stated outcomes of Ministry Mobilization in your response):






Describe the nature and overall health of the leadership teams within your environment (seeking to address some of the stated outcomes of Ministry Mobilization in your response):







Describe your current or desired future engagement in church planting (seeking to address the stated outcomes of Church Planting in your response):







Please identify the types of ministry opportunities and exposure the Resident would have opportunity to participate in:




Please identify at least 3 leaders who would be able to invest in the Resident and describe the role each leader might play in the Resident’s experience:




Please identify how your environment might be able to provide (either directly or indirectly):

HOUSING – Select One

  • Housing is the responsibility of the Resident

  • Housing will be provided by the GHE

  • A housing allowance will be provided by the GHE



  • Healthcare is the responsibility of the Resident

  • Healthcare will be provided by the GHE


HALF-TIME JOB – Select all that apply

  • The Resident is required to work a Part Time job in the community



  • There WILL be a stipend provided by the GHE

  • There WILL NOT be a stipend

  • The RESIDENT must provide a tuition


The Resident will serve at the environment _________hours per week



Additional Documents


Please attach the following to this application:

  1. A recent financial summary statement for the environment

  2. A brief history of the environment

  3. A statement of mission, vision, etc. of the environment

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