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Central Region Greenhouse Environment Locations 

We have many GHEs across the region.  Each one offers a unique experience because of its location, cultural context, ministry opportunities and personnel.  You can check each location below to learn more.

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         First Alliance Church 

LOCATION - Lexington  Kentucky
Ohio Valley District 
CONTEXT - Large church context, multiple ministry , college fo
cused, missions minded  

Kendall McKee.

EXPERIENCE - Large Church; church planting; college ministry; life skills training

Harvest Downtown 

LOCATION - Colorado Springs, Colorado
MidAmerica District 
CONTEXT - Urban chic 
COORDINATOR - David Wilson
EXPERIENCE - Offers church planting; business as missions; cross-cultural engagement - art community ministry

Family Empowerment Centers 

LOCATION - Chicago, Illinois
Alliance Midwest District 
CONTEXT - Urban under-resourced; Ethnic; Ministry site; City movement 
COORDINATOR - Carlos Perez
EXPERIENCE - Offers Under-resourced community engagement; Refugee impact; Small church; Church planting; Community center; Addiction ministry; Social justice emphasis; Cross-cultural engagement - Rogers Park is incredibly diverse; Partnerships with South Asian Friendship Center (Indian/Pakistani)

           House of Prayer Alliance Church

LOCATION - Bemidji, Minnesota
North Central District 
CONTEXT - University town 
EXPERIENCE - Offers Small church; Church planting; College ministry; Sports ministry

Wausau Alliance Church 

LOCATION - Wausau, Wisconsin
Western Great Lakes District 
CONTEXT - Rural; Suburban 
COORDINATOR - Bryan Gerrish
EXPERIENCE - Offers church planting; Deaf church plant within Greenhouse Environment; counseling ministry

Refuge Church 

LOCATION - Appleton, Wisconsin
Western Great Lakes District 
CONTEXT - Ethnic; multi-ethnic/city 
Tang Vang -
EXPERIENCE - Offers refugee impact; church planting; cross-cultural engagement - Hmong and Anglo make up about 70-80% - the rest is 11-12 different ethnicities

      Jericho Road Church 

LOCATION - Muskegon, Michigan
Great Lakes District 
CONTEXT - Suburban
EXPERIENCE - Offers under-resourced community engagement; church planting; non-profit housing ministry attached

Grace Church 

LOCATION - Middleburg Hts. Ohio
Central District 
CONTEXT - Mega Church with urban influence 
DIRECTOR - Anna Beatty
EXPERIENCE - Under-resourced community engagement; Refugee impact; Life skills training; Children and family focus; Cross-cultural engagement 

Bridge Community Church

LOCATION - Troy, Michigan
Great Lakes District 
CONTEXT - Suburban 
COORDINATOR - Randy Vinson
EXPERIENCE - Offers church planting; cross-cultural engagement

That Neighborhood Church 

LOCATION - Toledo, Ohio
Great Lakes District 
CONTEXT - Urban under-resourced 
EXPERIENCE - Offers under-resourced community engagement; church planting; rehabilitation ministries; life skills training 

  Relevant Community Church 

LOCATION - Elkhorn, Nebraska
MidAmerica District 
CONTEXT - Suburban 
COORDINATOR - Nick Petrick
EXPERIENCE - Offers mega church; children and family focus

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