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Introduction to DEE

Introduction to DEE

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Divine Expectation and Engagement

a few resources 

Programs, tools and agendas are not the primary thing that will help us impact 80+ million people.  Those things come and go.  It is going to take an intentional long-term shared culture among the people of God to truly impact 80+ million people.  You can learn more about that culture under the tab "About."  

At the heart of that shared culture is the element of Divine Expectation and Engagement.  What does that mean?    Divine Expectation and Engagement is lifestyle that embraces the reality that God is working in us, around us, and through us, and He has invited us to be part of what He is doing.  Watch this short video for a little further introduction: 

To learn more and receive further resources on Divine Expectation and Engagement contact someone in your geographical location - go to the Connect Tab for those details. 
Some books we would recommend that will help you develop a lifestyle of Divine Expectation and Engagement 

Experiencing God - by Henry Blackaby
River Dweller - by Rob Reimer
Untamed Christian Unleashed Church - by Terry Wardle


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