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Culture eats strategy for lunch.  


Strategies may help us reach 80+ million people but a shared culture will have exponential impact in our efforts.  Shared culture comes from shared objectives, shared language, shared outcomes, and shared victories.  There are 5 key elements to the culture we are seeking to build with those who will partner with us.    

Divine Expectation and Engagement 


God is working in us, around us, and through us and He has invited us to be part of what He is doing.  Learn more here

Disciplemaking Discipleship 


Clarity and intentionality in seeing people fall in love with Jesus, become like Jesus and live on mission with Jesus.  Learn more here.

Mobilized Ministries 


A community of believers that regularly and intentionally seek the transformation of each other and their Acts 1:8 environments.           Learn more here.

Emerging and Established Leader Development


Clarity and intentionality in developing leaders for greater Kingdom impact.  Learn more here.

Kingdom Advancement 


Seeing Jesus transform lives, communities and cultures throughout our Acts 1.8 environments.  Learn more here.

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