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Leadership Development


a few resources


The development of emerging and established leaders is a critical element of the culture we need to share if we are going to collectively make a difference.  Leaders know who they are, where they are going and how to get others to go along with them.  Leaders help others accomplish all that God created them to do in ways that are life-giving and effective.  The Kingdom of God needs men and women who will lay down their lives to partner and help others partner in the advancement of the Kingdom throughout the 80+ million people in our region and around the globe.  


Throughout the region there are various opportunities to be developed.  You will want to connect directly with someone in your geographical area for a full menu of those resources.  Connect here.  

For now, we would recommend the following:

1.  Develop your self-awareness through various assessment instruments.  We suggest:

     a.  Strengths Development Inventory (SDI)

     b.  APEST orientation discovery - there is a free version available at -


2.  Find a leadership mentor who will invest in your leadership abilities. 

3.  Learn about leadership by reading some highly recommended material.  We suggest: 

     a.  Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger 

     b.  Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership by Gary McIntosh 

     c.  Failure of Nerve by Edwin Freeman 



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