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The Central Region


      We are a collective of districts in The Christian and Missionary Alliance              that believes we can accomplish more together 

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Our Shared Geography
The Central Region of the Alliance is made up of 7 geographic districts in the middle of the United States, 1 ethnic-specific district and 3 ethnic-specific associations, representing around 600 churches and 170,000 people

Our shared mandate 
is the tenacious pursuit of the evangelization of the 80+ million people in our shared geography and the discipleship of the responsive

     80                 Million

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Our Shared Culture


A culture of multiplication results from 5 elements being lived out in local churches.  The 5 elements are:

  • Divine Expectation and Engagement 

  • Disciple Making Discipleship 

  • Mobilized Ministries   

  • Emerging Leader Development 

  • Kingdom Advancement           

Our church locations 

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